WordPress Easy Custom Advert Blocks

Automatically output blocks wherever you want using targeting and style functions

We have created the plugin that removes all technical limitations and turns the monetization of a website from the endless and killing routine into a creative process. The plugin provides many options for targeting the advertisements and allows to output unlimited number of ad units in different places (for example inside an article after 5 paragraph or after the first image in the text). It is perfect for conducting an A/B test (not only for advertisement, but also for headings, different texts, etc.).

There are a lot of possibilities, use them and earn on your website the maximum profit! You don’t have excuses any more that would justify missing hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month just because you haven’t set up the advertisement yet.

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How Much Can Your Revenue Be Increased?

Let's calculate it on your own example!

How many users visit your websites every day?
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How much money do you make every month?
$ per month

How much time will you invest in monetization?
Your current ARPU:
Your ARPU will increase up to:
Your revenue will grow up to:
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Supplementary revenue in 1 year:
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* The calculator contains average data on the market and is based on the results of the webmasters who are versed in the monetization of narrow thematic sites. It is not an offer. Your real results directly depend on your perseverance and analytical skills. Any organic traffic can bring a decent income.


Have you tried the calculator above? Then you know our plugin has a quick payback period!



$33 (RUB 1 900)

  • Single Site
  • 1 year support
  • 1 year updates
  • 30% renewal discount


Best Value

Best value

$86 (RUB 4 900)

  • 2-5 Sites
  • 1 year support
  • 1 year updates
  • 30% renewal discount




$132 (RUB 7 490)

  • 6-10 Sites
  • 1 year support
  • 1 year updates
  • 30% renewal discount


Big Business

Big Business

$687 (RUB 39 000)

  • Unlimited Sites
  • 1 year support
  • 1 year updates
  • 30% renewal discount


How do successful webmasters use the plugin?

The most basic and simple sources of rapid growth of your income

Segmentation of Traffic

Setting up advertising in accordance with the geography of the audience and the problems that it wants to solve through this or that article on your site will give you multiple growth in a short time.

New Formats

Instead of the standard blocks of the Adsense and placing them in the hackneyed places of the site, use more than 50 powerful formats for displaying ads and connect several methods of monetization at once.

Deep A/B Tests

Identify the most effective creatives, placements and ways of monetization by creating as many advertisement units and design options as you need without wasting time on programming.

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Targeting Opportunities

For Effective Traffic Segmentation

By Geography

Show people in different countries and cities the advertisement intended for them – this increases the conversion.

By Categories and Tags

As a rule, separate categories of the site are suitable for particular offers, and appropriate targeting will help here.

By Articles

Precise placement of correct advertisement in several articles allows you to increase the income of the entire site several times.

By Date and Time

The code can be displayed at a certain time of the day, on weekdays, on weekends and also at a preset period of time.

By Screen Resolution

Customize your advertisement separately at least for mobile and desktops and it will increase your income significantly.

For AdBlock Users

Show hidden advertisement to those who do not like the straight one. It gives up to 30% more conversions from the site.

By Search Engines

Target ads and any other codes and texts for users of different search engines.

By Taxonomy

If you use non-standard taxonomies, then you can also target by their terms.

Tageting Lists

Create templates with targeting settings to place ad units quickly.

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Output Settings

To Increase Conversion

Required Post Types

You can show any advertisement inside the text of any post type without any need to get into the template code.

After the Title

One of the effective places for the output of both contextual advertising and other formats (banners, teasers, etc.)

After the Text

It is an effective place for disposing many types of the advertising as the user is ready to act.

After N Paragraphs

You can set the required number of paragraphs between blocks to increase revenue without compromising perceptions.

After N Symbols

If you need to spread blocks on an article evenly, you can set the distance between them in symbols.

After H2-H6

Placement of the advertisement block next to the subtitle focuses on it the attention of site visitors.

Hover over the picture

It gives up to 30% increase of revenue, if you place the codes of some teaser networks on hovering the images.

Before and After Images

You can display the block before or after the image and apply this to all at once or to each separately..

Before and After the Thumbnail

If the thumbnail is displayed in the template as standard WordPress functions, you can link the output to it.

Flip the Image

One of the highly conversion methods of outputting advertisement units, it attract attention well.

Under the TOC+

If the site displays contents via the TOC+ plugin, you can automatically display the advertisement under it.

Before the Last Paragraph

This place allows you to catch the attention of those who have almost read but still are focused on the content of the page.

Pop-up Window

You can set up the speed of the display, transparency, the ability to close and the number of displays to the user.

Outgoing Window

Indenting, speed, direction (left, right) are set up and after how many characters start to come out.

In the Middle of the Article

Sometimes you need to place a block right in the middle without bothering with paragraphs and number of symbols.

Shortcodes in the Text

If you need to link advertising block to a particular place of the article you can place it directly in the text.

In the Template via PHP

Not enough standard settings for automatic output? You can get into the template code and insert it where necessary.

In Widgets

All created advertisement units can be automatically displayed via widgets (and fixed via Q2W3).

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Other Important Functions

For Convenient and Effective Work

Decoration of Blocks

Special effects, twisting, torsion, blinking, frames, backgrounds, fonts, fading and other opportunities.

Restrictions on the Output

If an article is smaller than the size specified in settings of the block then this block will not be displayed.

Rotation of Blocks

Uniform rotation of advertising codes within the blocks in accordance with all the targeting settings.

A/B Tests

Compare not only different blocks, but also various advertising systems, squeezing out of traffic a maximum.

No restrictions

Output any number of codes in the advertisement unit and any number of ad units throughout the site.


If necessary you can quickly hide and also quickly return on its place any information displayed by the plugin.


Sometimes you need to transfer effective settings from one site to another or just make backup before testing.


You do not need to be a monetization guru to place blocks on the site properly: everything is clear at a glance.

Copy Blocks

It is possible to copy not only the codes inside the blocks but also the blocks completely to speed up the work.

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