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Quick search, compression and placement of images directly from the WordPress admin area

It takes a lot of time to pick up images in search engine while publishing articles in WordPress. But the process is not limited to this: you need to cut them to a specific size, compress quality, and all this is accompanied by saving to the computer at first, opening in the program, re-saving and only then uploading to the media files of the site.

It takes from 3 to 10 minutes only on one image, and when there are several such images the process of publishing of already written article can take more than an hour. As a result articles are accumulated, not published. Return on investment is extended. The amount of lost profit also grows. And content managers constantly make mistakes – then they will cut it wrong, then they won’t write title.

From our own experience we know all the problems, and we have successfully solved them when we developed and implemented the plugin Google Images. In the first days we got rid of the accumulated articles, material began to be published several times faster, the cost of one publication was reduced 4 times and content managers started earning more due to amount. All participants of the process won.

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How do successful webmasters use the plugin?

The most basic and simple sources of rapid growth in your income

Increase in Volume

Increase the volume of publications by saving time on decoration without expanding the number of employees.

Faster Payback

Due to faster publication several times more articles are indexed for the same time and this accelerates traffic growth.

New Visitors

In a short time create a selection of images on the topic with headings based on the semantic kernel + “photo”.

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(RUB 790)

  • Single Site
  • 1 year support
  • 1 year updates
  • 30% renewal discount


Best Value

Best value

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  • 2-5 Sites
  • 1 year support
  • 1 year updates
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  • 6-10 Sites
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Big Business

Big Business

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  • 1 year support
  • 1 year updates
  • 30% renewal discount


Main Functions

The plugin speeds up the process of adding images significantly

Directly from WordPress

Search, upload and compress images you want bypassing Google without leaving your website admin area.

On-the-Fly Compression

While uploading you can choose the compression of images to the desired level without significant loss of quality.

Crop to All Sizes

While uploading the thumbnails are created according to sizes set in the media files and the active theme.


Right while searching you can enlarge the desired image and check its quality and lack of watermarks.


Names of the uploaded images can be changed according to the requests on which they were found.

Title Generation

You can set the automatic title generation for uploaded images based on the search request you made.

Detailed Filter

When you search for images the same settings are available as via Google itself (they also can be set by default).

Size Information

After you get search results original sizes of images are shown to avoid uploading too small or too big image.

Standard Uploader

The plugin works not only in posts but everywhere where the WordPress standard media uploader is used.

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They already use the plugin on their websites and get measurable benefits

Excellent plugin, it speeds up content managers’ work in several times. If earlier CM-s published hardly 10 articles a day, now they publish 15 and ask for additional tasks. For large volumes, and also subjects, where you need to post a lot of images it is necessarily to use.

<a href='http://vk.com/zhanybek_k' target='_blank'>Zhanibek Kenzhebekov</a>

Zhanibek Kenzhebekov

We use the plugin on more than 150 sites. The work on search and adding photos has been noticeably simplified; we just slightly changed the plugin to make it even more convenient.

<a href='http://vk.com/id2815665' target='_blank'>Denis Larionov</a>

Denis Larionov
CEO, Modesco studio

I used this plugin to publish more than 300 articles which needed to be placed on site very quickly. Earlier my content manager would have coped with this task for a month (10 articles a day). Using WP Easy Google Images he managed to keep it within 7 days. I liked such efficiency. There was no need to hire more CM and spend additional budget. It turned out to cut the expenses (about twice) and not to lose quality which is very important. The decent product, it is really necessary on a scale! Recommend. Thanks to the developers!

<a href='http://vk.com/id52823338' target='_blank'>Aleksandr Shnyakin</a>

Aleksandr Shnyakin

I like all sorts of things that speed up/simplify the work on site. Easy Google Images is one of them. Now you don’t need to switch to Google and look for images, save them, process by size, everything is done at the admin area of the site. The mood improves when you see significant saving of very important resource – time. If there would be search on Yandex images that would be super, but still the plugin is great. Many thanks to the developers!

<a href='http://vk.com/id134825066' target='_blank'>Anatoliy Fursov</a>

Anatoliy Fursov

Great! Reduced the payment for article to content manager in 1,5 times. Immediately on the next day after purchasing the plugin. Employee and I are both satisfied. )))

<a href='http://vk.com/postavets' target='_blank'>Valeriy Postavets</a>

Valeriy Postavets

Excellent development; I don’t understand how I haven’t thought about doing this by myself.) It significantly simplifies work and saves time…. And 10 minutes on an article when there are, for example, 15 a day, it’s already 2,5 hours which can be spent much more rationally.

<a href='http://vk.com/id162802506' target='_blank'>Viktor Pop</a>

Viktor Pop

We use plugin on all projects for more than 2 moths, along with WordPress Easy Google Youtube. Content manager is very satisfied; images and videos in article are inserted much easier and faster. The most pleasant for me is that it is easy to control the size of images and video as we have demands for this item. If you add search on Yandex Images that will be perfect! Thank you for your useful plugins!

<a href='http://vk.com/darya_prox' target='_blank'>Dasha Prokopenko</a>

Dasha Prokopenko

Very useful plugin. Particularly I was pleased with the ability to search for pictures on any foreign language and adding images from foreign Google storages. It is convenient to set the size of an image and you do not have to waste time writing alt and title of the images. The plugin really allows to save a lot of time and to make site better and more beautiful. Generally I’m satisfied and recommend it to everyone.

<a href='http://vk.com/id121722786' target='_blank'>Vladimir Senchenko</a>

Vladimir Senchenko

Thanks to the creator of WordPress Easy Google Images plugin. The work of content manager was optimized with the help of it. Accordingly CM began to spend less time, and I less money.

<a href='http://vk.com/id139940307' target='_blank'>Oleg Khalin</a>

Oleg Khalin

Impressions after purchasing: 1. No more troubles with copying an image to my computer, cutting it, compression. 2. The time for publication of one article has decreased approximately 30%. 3. Content managers have begun to work more actively. In general the plugin is worth buying if you have more than 1 site.

<a href='http://vk.com/id12785531' target='_blank'>Sergey Kolusev</a>

Sergey Kolusev

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