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Quick search and placing of the videos from Youtube directly from the WordPress admin area

The plugin allows you to speed up the process of adding video to an article. With its help you can add videos in various ways depending on what you use on the site: through iframe, short codes, by links etc. While adding you can use all main filters available on Youtube.

Work with video directly from the WordPress admin area allows you to significantly increase the amount of publications which in its turn allows you to influence on such metrics as accelerating indexing, increasing traffic and faster return on funds invested in the production of site and content.

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How do successful webmasters use the plugin?

The most basic and simple sources of rapid growth in your income

Increase in Volume

Increase the volume of publications by saving time on decoration without expanding the number of employees.

Payback Acceleration

Due to a faster publication several times more articles are indexed for the same time and this accelerates traffic growth.

New Visitors

In a short time create a selection of video clips on the topic with headings based on the semantic kernel + “video”.

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Best value

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Big Business

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Main Functions

The plugin significantly speeds up the process of adding videos

Default sizes

You can adjust default size in order for all videos on the website to be kept in one style that you prefer.

4 Ways of Insertion

You can insert a video through shortcodes, iframe, as a link or get a code for manual insert: it’s your choice.

Video Start Time

There is the same possibility as on Youtube to specify the second of the start of playback while inserting video via link.


Before inserting a video if you need you can watch it to verify the quality and relevance of the material.

Search in Any Language

You can enter a search request in any language: as it can be done on Youtube itself, just try it.

Video Information

The general information about the video is briefly displayed for a quicker decision about inserting a video.

Sort by Parameters

You can sort videos by various parameters: quality, age, duration and many others, as on Youtube itself.

Search Filtering

There is no need to spend time on switching between your site and Youtube – all its filters are included.

Keywords Search

Directly from the WordPress admin area you can indicate a search request by which videos are pulled up.

Inserting into the Right Place

After finding an appropriate video you just need to click on the button and it will be inserted into specified place.

Default Settings

You can set in advance the parameters to which they should match to save time while searching for a video.

Duration restriction

It will be convenient to exclude short videos for those who prefer to insert only long clips in their articles.

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