Custom Advert Blocks: update to version 1.4.5

Here it is. The new Premium Custom Advert Blocks version 1.4.5. Before updating please make a backup of your settings on the Export/Import page and once updated clear the cache before editing blocks, because we have changed a few front-end scripts.

So, what’s new?

GEO-targeting updated

Now you can target countries and cities separately. No need to select country if you want to choose just a city. The autocomplete thing now is really fast. And you can now target not only on cities and countries, but also on regions (including metropolitan areas). This is how it looks:

Geo targeting in WordPress with Custom Advert Blocks (by country, region and city)

Targeting by referrers added

Hooray. You can now target by referrer and show different messages and advertisement for users who prefer different search engines or visit your site from different social networks. You can also target on users from a special web-site. You may add as many referrers, as you wish. By default you will have:

  • Facebook;
  • Google (all domains);
  • Others (including direct visits).

You can change/delete what you want except for the last two parameters. See it in action:

Targeting by referrer (visit source) in WordPress with Custom Advert Blocks

Targeting by content reconstructed

You can now target not only posts and categories, but also custom posts, taxonomies, tags and pages. Feel free and target better than ever! This is how it looks:

Reconstructed content targeting in Custom Advert Blocks

Blocks alignment

Relative to the content and inside the block. To set this up use these parameters:

Custom blocks alignment and floating inside the text in WordPress

Variables to use inside blocks

Now you can insert in your custom blocks variables to transfer data to an analytics system or just show some targeted message to the user. It helps to analyze deeper and get more profit!

Currently these variables are available:

  • ~~id~~ -Post ID;
  • ~~idterm~~ – Taxonomy term ID (if detected);
  • ~~title~~ – Post title;
  • ~~slug~~ – Post slug;
  • ~~url~~ – Post URL;
  • ~~url_en~~ – Post URL using urlencode (for GET-parameters);
  • ~~country~~ – Country (depending on the user IP);
  • ~~country~~ – City (depending on the user IP)
  • ~~user_agent~~ – Browser user-agent;
  • ~~device_type~~ – User’s device type;
  • ~~device_model~~ – User’s device model.

If you need something else, tell us!

Custom blocks alignment relative to the text with variables inside

Small bugs fixed and a little more comfort for users

We’ve changed the plugin icon, added links to the support page and documentation, made the plugin translatable and then translated it in English which is now the default language. And many other things. Enjoy it!

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